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3 Tips to a Successful Rehearsal

Picture this: the BIG DAY we have been planning for is TOMORROW. All of your friends and family have traveled to celebrate, have checked into their hotel or AirBnbs, and meet you at the venue. You have all of the details set to go, but there is just one thing left to do...


They always say "Practice Makes Perfect", right? Whether you practice earlier in the week, the day before, or the day-of, rehearsal is super helpful to ensure that wedding day goes smoothly. What a better way to get even more excited for wedding day?! And let's be honest, there is typically yummy food and drinks afterwards.

As a planner, I typically orchestrate the rehearsal alongside the officiant. Since this is not my first rodeo, I have thought through 3 tips to make sure that your rehearsal is efficient, clear, and well-executed. Let's check em out!

1. Wear Your Wedding Shoes

Let's break in those shoes (if you have not already)! It is a great idea to test the shoes you are wearing down the aisle to get a feel for how fast or slow you want to walk, the comfortability, and to ensure that you can *actually* walk down the aisle gracefully. This goes for your wedding party too! If you have an outdoor ceremony, steep stairs, or a challenging aisle, rehearsal is a great time to work out those outfit malfunctions (we would not want any heels sinking into the grass or you tripping on cobblestone!). Secondly, if you are having your wedding party stand at the altar with you by height, this is a great time to visualize them in order. If you want to save your special shoes just for wedding day, wear something similar to get a good feel!

P.S. Do NOT lock your knees!!

2. Communication is KEY

During our planning meeting prior to rehearsal, we will discuss the order of the processional, recessional, and everyone who has a part in your ceremony. These are the typical people that are in the full wedding party, thus, should be at rehearsal:

  • Grandparents

  • Parents of the Bride and Groom

  • Groomsmen

  • Bridesmaids

  • Flower Girls

  • Ring Bearers

  • Officiant

Make sure everyone knows what time to be there, the address of the venue, and if they need to bring anything specific (unity items, marriage license, flower girl basket, ring box, etc.). When everyone is ready to begin, we will practice lining up and walking down the aisle, positioning at the altar, any cues throughout the ceremony, and what to do after the ceremony is complete. If you have any questions or want to change something, let's do it! We are here to make your day as special as you!

3. Location, Location, Location

The rehearsal generally takes anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour depending on your wedding party size. After rehearsal, your guests are hungry and ready to celebrate at your favorite restaurant. When looking into a place to host your rehearsal dinner, consider where majority of your guests are staying, the location of your venue, and how long it will take your wedding party to travel.

Your rehearsal dinner is a great time to open up the floor for toasts so that your friends and family can share their cherished memories about you, your fiancé, or your relationship. It is the cherry on top to a perfect and smooth rehearsal evening! Now, tomorrow is the fun part!

And remember...

There is Always a Reason to

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