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End of the Party

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Unfortunately, they always say "All Good Things Must Come to an End" (I am not too sure who says this, but we all have heard this before...right..?). Well this is true on wedding day too and after a long day of celebrations, it is time to send you off in style. After your DJ has played the final banger for you and your party-people to dance to, it is time for your guests to grab your exit item of choice and line up.

When the party is over, it is so fun to grab just a few more photos of you and your boo as you exit your reception as the new Mr. & Mrs. Some couples even change outfits for their grand exit! Guests cheer for the newlyweds as you dip, kiss, and drive off into the sunset (it's probably wayyyy past sunset at this point but you get the idea). There are so many fun options to choose from when selecting an item to use. Here are some of our favorites!


Sparklers are a tried and true, popular exit item among brides. They are often selected for their glitz and glam, and everyone loves a good sparkler exit. It's just a classic! Our advice is to purchase 20 inch - 36 inch sparklers. If you have quite a large guest count, the longer the sparkler is able to burn, the better. This allows you to have more time to capture those romantically lit photos. However, please watch out for your favorite wedding planners and vendors! We do not want to catch on fire as we light them.


I think bubbles bring out the inner child in everyone - guests LOVE bubbles! There are a few ways to maximize the soapy sheen in your photographs during your exit. Consider purchasing a bubble machine to strategically place outdoors. This creates a steady stream of bubbles, no matter how many guests have made it to the end of the evening. Or, you can hand out bubble guns (Check out Amazon!!) to really get the crowd roaring! You only need a few, so the remaining guests can have individual tubes of bubbles. You can even get them personalized!


We can all pretend to be cheerleaders for the night and shake some pom-poms for the couple! This is a great alternative if your venue does not allow sparklers due to fire restrictions (AKA Dallas County!!) to still get that glimmer effect in your photos. I recommend the gold or silver color depending on the accent metal you chose in your wedding design. Plus, they are an easy purchase on Amazon or through another website. No fire here!


If you're wanting to have a dramatic effect, let's chat about streamers. They are individually wrapped and conveniently attached at the base for easy partying! No clean up, no problem. They come in a variety of colors to match your own style. Again, this is another great item you can purchase on Amazon. Simply press the tab on the bottom to release the fun and when you're done, toss them in the trash. Couples, be careful not to get tangled!

Smoke Bombs

Now this one certainly is not recommended for small spaces or indoor celebrations, but is a colorful burst after dancing the night away. Actually, Kennedy (Founder of Knighted Affairs) chose these as her own exit item when leaving her reception. It definitely was fun for photos, but make sure these are allowed at your specific venue. You can purchase these on Amazon, Enola Gaye, or Shutter Bombs. You can align the colors to coincide with the rest of your wedding theme, or you can jazz it up how you'd like.


Again, another cute item you can purchase from Amazon or you could even DIY these ribbons on a stick (they are more glamorous than they sound!). Simply choose a few colors and textures you like, wrap them around a small dowel rod, and knot them. We loved how Carolina did pastel blue and pink ribbons to match her wedding bouquet!

Light Up Wands

For the funky and original bride, these fiber optic wands were so much fun to be used on the dance floor AND for the send off! Guests twirled the wands around to create a light-up illusion and could even change the flashing mode to three different types of patterns. Sounds like a great idea to me and The Harper's guests thought so too!

Finish the Night with a BANG!

Whatever exit item you choose, you ultimately set the tone and create one final lasting impression on your friends and family who helped you celebrate your LOVE! You may have noticed we did not list some other popular exit items such as confetti, flower petals, or different types of seeds. This is because most venues do not authorize smaller items (as they're pretty difficult to clean up!), so make sure to double check with your venue about what types are permitted (it should be in your contract, too!). Leave your reception in STYLE!

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