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Barbie-Themed Bridal Brunch

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Come on Barbie, Let's Go Party!

When I was a little girl, I loved playing with Barbies. I had all of the accessories, outfits, and of course, the PINK Barbie Dream House. As a lover of all things pink, this Barbie-inspired bridal brunch would be perfect for your newly-engaged bestie!

To plan the Barbie bridal brunch of your dreams, start by inviting all of your friends, family, and girlies to celebrate you marrying your perfect Ken! Consider looking into custom invitations to broadcast your plans; we love these editable templates on Etsy. This way, your guests have all the deets - when and where. You could even have a specific color that you want guests to wear at your event (pink, DUH!) on your invitations. The Bride, of course, would strut in white!

After you invite your guests, it is time to think through the cute decor details. When I am working with my clients on a special event, I love to encourage them to think through the "branding". Meaning, you try to carry the theme throughout the event and really personalize the little things to set your event apart from others (shhh, that is the secret of a good planner!). Since the invitations could be themed, consider creating other detailed signage at your event. This could include cocktail napkins, place cards, cupcake toppers, drink stirrers, a welcome sign, gift tags, and even a bar menu. The options for customization are endless!

Now, when people come to a party, they are looking for some yummy food! The menu could match the Barbie theme, or, could just be some of the bride's favorite foods. If we were to host this event, we would recommend a fun egg frittata, pancake skewers, parfait station, or a charcuterie board. Presentation is everything, too. It is a good time to ask WWKAD (aka What Would Knighted Affairs Do) when considering the layout, decor items, or any details throughout the event.

DESSERT! Pretty much everyone's favorite word, honestly. The theme is easyyyy to incorporate into the desserts to satisfy that sweet tooth. If it's pink, let's do it! I'm talkin' cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, chocolate, macaroons, fruits - you can get creative with it. Seriously, all of this talk about brunch and dessert is making us hungry.

No event is complete without a cocktail to accompany your delicious spread. I am sure you have guessed it by now, but we want to continue the pink theme even in our beverage selection. For our friends 21 and under, a sparkling lemonade or "mocktail" would definitely spruce up their meal. This Elderflower Rose Cocktail recipe had us absolutely drooling and craving this cute, pink drink.

For the gals that are 21+, we love to keep it light at brunch. After all, we probably have to jet after the bridal shower to a pilates class, hit the yoga mat, or run errands around town. We are not bartenders, but we sure know when a cocktail just looks refreshing. Find the recipes for these below!

Lastly, let's chat about aesthetics. When ladies come into the room, we want to give them a WOW factor. Maybe you install a pink balloon arch, have a life-sized Barbie box, or, invest in captivating floral arrangements. Whatever you choose, bring your vision to life (anyone else watch Life-Size with Tyra Banks?!).

Although details certainly bring a personal element to your event, remember to HAVE FUN and show-off that ring on your finger! Make your Barbie bridal brunch as unique and special as you are.

And remember...

There is Always a Reason to

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